content §1 - Proper Content

  • 1.1 - Illegal contents of all sorts are forbidden (also their endorsement, especially cracks/pirate copies)
  • 1.2 - Racist contents of all sorts are forbidden
  • 1.3 - Pornographic contents of all sorts are forbidden

spam §2 - No Spam

  • 2.1 - Needless and/or doubled posts (spam) are forbidden, no "+1", "inb4" etc.
  • 2.2 - The forum is NOT a chat room! Behave accordingly! No unsubstantial/very short posts!
  • 2.3 - It is forbidden to edit posts just to mark these as being new (pushing)
  • 2.4 - Only use tags (especially spoiler, more and quote) where they really make sense

flame §3 - No Flame

  • 3.1 - No Posts which offend/provoke/insult other people or groups (flame)

language §4 - Proper Language

  • 4.1 - Use proper, understandable language and no dialects (and also no translation tools)
  • 4.2 - "1337-Speak" (and the like) is not allowed
  • 4.3 - Only English/German (depending on section) is allowed - NO OTHER LANGUAGES!
  • 4.4 - Titles/texts in capital letters are impolite and undesired
  • 4.5 - Stick to the point! Do not write stuff which is not related to the original topic!

mod §5 - Additional Rules

  • 5.1 - Show good behavior and simply don't be a stupid asshole
  • 5.2 - No advertisement, ref-links, clan threads and forum games
  • 5.3 - No memes, ASCII art or comparable fun pictures! Go to 4Chan with those!
  • 5.4 - Do not use temporary e-mail addresses for your account and no proxy for registration
  • 5.5 - Do not behave like a moderator and do not comment rule violations or spam

info Ban

You will get a ban when you violate the rules. A banned account is very limited. It is not allowed to get a new account. Every person is only allowed to have one single account.

There are 3 different ban modes:

  • COMMUNITY BANNED - banned from website (posts/messages/uploads impossible)
  • GAME BANNED - banned from games (U.S.G.N. in-game login impossible)
  • BANNED - banned from website AND games (everything impossible)

Moreover there are temporary bans. These bans are active for a limited time only. You will be able to use the website again when your temporary ban expired. Temporary bans are used as punishment for rule violations. Temporary bans will be marked and displayed as such.

info Account Trading

Accounts are bound to their owner. It is forbidden to share, swap or sell them!