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18.04.21 01:52:33 pm
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Hello player CS2D i have new script for you!
You will not fight alone anymore. you have a guard ready to helping you fight. Only press serveraction F2 F3 F4 to call your guard

F2 = Caped mage - Marksman
F3 = Red mantle - Fighter
F4 = The Generator - Tank

You must use mode deathmatch and random spawn or the script will not work as corectly

You did not see the guard? dont worry wait for a sec your guard is going to you

Your guard have they skill respectively but random
if you want they always using they skill just press C
with existing guard

If you want to remove the guard you must create new server
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1 comment
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19.04.21 12:39:55 pm
like I like it!
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nice job !
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